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Abstract Art: “Undertow” 30″x10″ Acrylic on Gallery Canvas (2010)

Created in 2010, this was done by spreading drywall putty over the canvas and then applying different acrylics over the putty while wet. I tried some work with a crackle medium to degrees of success. It really worked near the edges. I loved the effect, but have not had any success replicating. Blues were big for me then as they are now.  For me blue is melancholy.

At the time of its creation, my wife and I had recently returned from a trip to Maui celebrating our anniversary.  I was trying to bring that harmony from Maui home.  You see about about 4 months earlier my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and her condition was getting progressively worse, but we also were dealing with some positive news at that time.  We came back from Maui and learned that we were in fact expecting a child.  This was our third pregnancy and none had progressed this far, so we were quite optimistic.  So, at that time I had these contradictory experiences, gradually losing my mother yet looking at the promise of welcoming a new soul into the universe.  This painting was my way of working through those conflicting thoughts, or turning them down a bit.

Abstract Art: Untitled 60″x 48″ Acrylics and Oils on Gallery Canvas (2017)

I finished this painting yesterday. Actually, the application was done nearly three weeks ago, however it has largely taken that long to completely dry. This painting is different from my usual efforts in that I used oil based paints along with my traditional acrylics. I rarely ever use oils because of their drying time. But, this was my last really large canvas and I had some oils laying around that I wanted to finish.

The composition came to me rather quickly, but as noted above the drying time was forever. I like to finish my paintings with a thin polyurethane coat to give my paintings a sheen, but you can’t apply until the canvas is completely dry. Yesterday, I finally felt the oils were sufficiently dry enough to apply a coat. Sure enough there was not any smearing.

I can’t really interpret what the colors represent as I was trying to finish off my remaining oils and these were the colors I had left. I am sure there is something there for me to interpret but right now I am just excited to get this posted to share.

Total Eclipse August 21, 2017

I live right in the path of totality for the eclipse.  Our daughter had school today and invited parents to come to school and watch it with them on the school’s baseball field.  It was hot as all get out in the lead up to it.  You could actually feel a temperature drop as more of the sun came to be blocked.  Amazing how dark it got and then the return of sunlight.

All I can say is “wow that was really cool” and awesome that we got to share this with so many other people and especially our daughter.

#parenthood #fatherhood “Keira loses her first tooth!”

It took forever but it finally happened, Keira lost her first tooth.  She was so afraid of it happening, and immediately so proud once it did.  She was strutting the whole day.  We decided to take her to Fritz’s to celebrate.  She took my hat and I just had to admire this little young lady of mine.  She also happens to be my little photographic Muse.


Abstract Art: “Equilibrium in Full” 48×60″ Acrylic on Gallery Canvas (2017)


“Equilibrium in Full” 48×60″ Acrylic on Gallery Canvas (2017).
This is a piece I just finished last week. It is the second time I have attempted a canvas this large. The first one I recently sold. I haven’t had access to a vehicle that could transport a canvas this large for sometime. However, a friend (@ThruEricsEye) I have known since Jr. High made his way up to St. Louis, byway of OKC to engage in some urban photography. It just so happens he owns a truck with a case over its bed.

We picked up two of these 4×5 feet canvases. As noted above, I just completed this 1st of the 2 canvases. This came to me quite quickly. I am titling it “Equilibrium in Full” because one, it is two appropriately sized contrasting color fields on a large canvas (a full expression of experience), Secondly, the contrast of the blue/green (melancholy) balanced by the yellow and white (optimism) colorfield represents a balance of emotions. The white drip line is to clearly show some demarcations of feelings and the swingled line that mental balance of feelings.

Summers have always brought feelings of balance for me. Restfullness, yet restlessness. Sociable, but solitary. Harmony and Anxiousness.

Abstract Art: “A Surprise” 28×22″ Acrylic on paper (2015)

I frequently use these 28×22″ paper sheets to paint in between canvases. These along with my use of scrap mat-boards serve as a form of sketch pad for painting. I have accumulated quite a few of these over the years and store them away. It just so happened that I came across some extra frame this week. I wanted to see how some of my paper works might look framed and matted. That is how I stumbled onto this piece that I did in 2015 I quite it like it now.

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