My name is Kent Bausman. I am a first generation college graduate. I am also a Gen Xer (1965 – 1980). Like many of my Gen X peers, a single mother with limited economic means raised me. I stumbled my way into college in 1987. I realized then as a 20 year old that the restructuring of the economy was well under way. I knew instinctively almost that I would need a college degree if I had any hope of achieving the American Dream. Fast forward thirty years, college proved the best investment I made in myself. I earned B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in sociology. For the past seventeen years, I have been working as a full-time college professor at a small Midwestern university.  I have been lucky to experience that thing sociologists call upward “intergenerational mobility.” I am happily married for nearly twenty years, and I was wonderfully blessed to have become a father during my middle age period in life.  Once again, women have saved me and made me a better person. For the past ten years, I have enjoyed developing as an abstract painter.


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