Abstract Art: Untitled 48×48″ (2017)

This is the only painting I have completed so far in 2017. I am a bit disappointed at this pace of productivity. I think I can explain a lot of this. Winters get a bit slower in general because my garage studio is hard to heat to a reasonably comfortable temperature. This was compounded by the fact that I had a show this spring which ate into my to my time getting some of my smaller paintings ready for display.
This painting is a 48×48” acrylic on gallery canvas. The blues were clearly linked to my desire to get my head out of winter. I hate winter, I am really miserable during winters. Nevertheless, this has been a rather productive academic year for me. I taught a course abroad in Switzerland, was promoted to Full professor my final professional rank, had a research paper published, and completed a month long show of my paintings. I don’t doubt that this explains the balance you see in this painting. It is one of my brighter attempts in sometime as well. I am sure this ties into a more peaceful disposition of late.
I am not sure how I feel about this presently. It came to me rather quickly and I am always uncomfortable when the composition of a painting presents itself soon. However, I felt it necessary to cease adding layers, to stop application. It rests in the lower level of our house and I like how it blends in to the furnishings, but I am unclear how I feel out it stand alone. Any thoughts welcome. Does it represent anything to you? How would you interpret this?
Kent Bausman


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