“Winter Me,” 36×24″ (2010) (sold)

I have always been drawn to the colors in this painting, and for whatever reason when I look at this painting I see a face in it. I can’t help but think there was a bit of a cubist influence here, in particular the color choices (e.g. Picasso’s Ma jolie or Guitar player). I love looking at cubist works, but I would not say that my style of painting is remotely cubist in orientation.

As I said, I see a face in this painting and I think it is me. I see two eyes, a nose and a mouth speaking to various audiences (type of work I do as a professor). This was my first painting of 2010 and completed during the winter. I HATE winters, and I can’t help but think this influenced my reliance on darker colors as well. Winters in St. Louis are very brown and dead, it’s just outright ugly, which directly affects my moods. Any other time of the year it is a very beautiful place to live, but I digress.

This is the rare painting I tried to add my signature. I do not like signing my paintings, I think they are distracting, unless you have a cool signature which I do not : ).

This now resides in OKC at my brother’s house.  He and my sister-in-law recently got a house together and this was a house warming gift.

Kent Bausman


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