Untitled #4, 48×48″ (2011)

This is a hard painting to describe. I started out experimenting with the application of joint compound on the canvas. I was thinking something sculptural initially but nothing ever made me comfortable. In the disappointment with the experiment, I reverted back to the comfort of a style that was quite common in my early paintings, the use of geometric patterns of color.

I recognize that this painting may seem very simplistic, I struggle with that too! Nevertheless, I have never attempted to add to this painting or to start the canvas anew. For reasons that escape me, I like the simplicity. As the joint compound experimentation can attest, the eventual completion of this painting was not that simple.

There are five principle color areas, I actually see them as 2 color areas separated from 3 others. The 2 areas apart from the 3 areas conveying a story of transition (this is my separate inference not the conscious intent of the painting).

Kent Bausman


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