Art & Social Science, (2015). 36×36″

I started this canvas on August 5th 2015.  I was hesitant how to begin.  I started by approaching the painting as 4 parts. This morphed into 2 diagonal parts, divided by a blue line.

That developing incarnation did nothing for me.  However, there were a couple of color areas that started speaking to me. I wanted to maintain their presence in the painting. The right panel of blue was harmonious to me. Still, I needed something to finish the other side of the canvas.

Bare with me as I dissect the process by using the analogy of approaching a research question in the social sciences.  You form a research question (some idea of colors you are interested in exploring). You review the research literature related to your question (consider your influences and inspirations for that painting). Decide on all the possible variables (paint colors or mixtures) which will work to give conversation with the blue right panel.  You form a hypothesis of what you think will work (layering of chosen colors) and develop a data collection method (e.g. decide on the paint application strategy and tool choices). The analysis phase is simply the constant evaluating of the emerging effort with each completed paint color application, and the conclusion is what you interpret it to represent if anything upon completion.

I hope you liked that analogy, I originally wrote this at the start of the fall 2015.  I was putting my sociology professor hat back on at the time I created this piece, so I believe that had something to do with the interpretation.  I see a bit of nature influences in this painting.  It is peaceful, and that was how my summer in 2015 went…


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