Untitled #3 (2016) 30×48″ (sold)


So my wife and I had this spot above our bed that I thought could really use a painting. It was a narrow space. I didn’t really have any paintings that fit the space from a dimensional standpoint.  I went out and got a canvas that would fit the space and set away to painting.

I find blue to be a harmonious color which I believe is particularly important to a bedroom.  Additionally, I find blues remind me of my true love, the ocean.  As much as I try to resist my reliance on blues, once again I gravitate to these colors. Again, I feel a vibe I get from watching the ocean when I paint with blue.

Recently, vertical lines have been speaking to me. The horizontal placement of these lines represent what I would characterize as a form of dialectical thinking. Although the colors are complimentary they are nevertheless oppositional in lightness and darkness, and the middle white line constitutes a form of synthesis. Think of something Hegelian.  I really don’t mean to sound sophisticated. I learned about Hegel during my study of Marx, and I have always been intrigued by dialectal thinking.

The horizontal lines come in three colors, blue, white and red. The reliance here on 3 colors has less to do with a Hegelian consciousness and everything to do with the reality that my personhood is solely shaped by myself, my wife and my daughter. I imagine the blue lines represent the harmony I offer to our unit, the red lines represent the life that my wife brings to the equation, and the white line represents the purity that our daughter contributes. I hope you enjoyed the story of this creation.  My Aunt recently turned 70 years of age and had an interest in it.  The painting now lives in Springfield.


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