Untitled #5 (2010) 48×24″



This was a painting I began before Keira was born. I was strongly into geometric patterns of color, very Mondrian I presume.  I occasionally revisit this style, but not so much as before.  I used to think of the independent color fields as miniature canvases within the painting.  This tact gives me more room to experiment with color applications.  You start on a place on the canvas and apply until the resulting textures start to speak. From there, you build in the surrounding areas.  It hung in my office for a long time. I’ve since brought it home and I was looking at it today and I thought I’d like to post this.

The left hand corner contains my attempt at the Chinese symbol of peace.  At the time I was creating this painting my mother was dying of cancer. Simultaneously, my wife was pregnant with our daughter Keira.  I was a bit of a worrier throughout the pregnancy.  We had previously experienced two miscarriages. I didn’t know how I would withstand a double loss here.  I was searching for peace at the time, peace of mind, stability of thought, anything. Painting was an obvious escape.

I have a couple paintings from that time when I was overtly trying to put in some kind of calming message. I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of the Chinese peace symbol now but, nevertheless it speaks of where I was then.  View this left to right.  There are two color fields that graduate into three. I think there’s a story to that.


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