Untitled #7 (2016) 48×48″ Acrylic on Canvas

I had an issue with a completed canvas. It fell against our car in the garage. It landed on the side view mirror and poked a hole in the canvas. I was never enamored with the original, and so I set about some ideas on how to salvage the painting. I used some of my common application materials to form a patch of the hole. From there I tried to mix various acrylics that matched the base colors so that the patch would blend in. For whatever reason I was drawn to adding the the bold red stripe on the left-hand side of the painting. For some red is said to symbolize love, I like that idea but for me red in my paintings generally symbolizes life.

Oddly the very reason I love this painting is that red stripe. Yet, it is that red line that most frequently brings criticism of this painting.


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