Untitled #9(2016)48×36

This was a painting I completed last spring before the leaves returned to the trees. I bring this up because it’s construction was seriously affected by what was going on outdoors. I believe I have issues with seasonal affective disorder. The winters around here really drain me, and this is where painting really helps. I believe the color choices here were my attempt to bring colors typically associated with summer to me. I also feel the horizon landscape of this abstract furthers the mental escape. I feel there is a bit of a beach sunset to this painting.

I enjoy blue as a base in many of my paintings. I would say this is my subconscious way of getting me through the dead season that is winter in St. Louis. A recent study out of Michigan State found that observations of the ocean lessened negative feelings tied to mental health. Since I no longer live near such bodies of water, painting will have to suffice.


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