Untitled #4 (2015) 32×24″

img_0960This is a painless painting in that it was done on a throw away canvas. Our social sciences unit at the university recently secured a lab space on campus. It was decorated with tacky reproductions of classic figurative works.  This is how cool my colleagues were. Just before dumping these canvases, they thought maybe I might find some use for them.  I liked this because with nothing vested in the canvas I felt freed to do whatever I wanted. I call this part of my proletarian abstract ethos. As I kept applying layers with darker colors (not usually my norm of choice) surprisingly the painting started to speak to me. I love that moment when you discover you are on to something in a painting. I am struggling to describe it in words, its just so intellectually satisfying. My only struggle with this canvas is that it is on a cheap canvas with the staples showing so it really needs a frame.  Making frames is not something I know how to do nor am I interested in learning.  For this reason, I typically paint on Gallery 3 canvases.



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