Untitled #10 2016 24 x 24 inches, Acrylic and Wood Stain on Canvas


This summer wasn’t that productive painting . I taught a course abroad. I was able to bring my family along for the 4 weeks in Lugano, Switzerland. When I came back I had a couple of canvases waiting for me to start. I have also been getting ready for the upcoming school year. I have found a niche of time here and there to start painting again. This is one that I finished quickly. Both paintings have involved a lot of red. I think there is some inspiration here from our time in Lugano.

It is a section of southeastern Switzerland near the Italian border. There was clearly a significant Italian influence to the region. it was very warm during our tome there and the dominant color use for buildings seemed to be a bit terra cotta in flavor. With the exception of the mountains outside our windows there was not a sense of green dominance. I felt more of a fiery vibe. Maybe it had something to do with the Mediterranean climate.

I always return from these experiences feeling greater balance in my general disposition. I am sure that is what the dividing line in this painting represents.

I just gave this to my brother-in-law as a house gift 2/25/17.


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