Why blog now?

Why blog? An excellent question. It seems to me on the surface to be such a vanity enterprise. My instinct is to resist it. However, “in the parlance of our times” this appears to be a common channel in which to share one’s thoughts and insights about the world around them. Now maybe it is a tad bit narcissistic to think my opinions have any sway or importance to share in the broader public. Nevertheless, as a sociologist I buy into the adage of C. Wright Mills that “sociology holds great promise” in helping one understand one’s place in the world.   So, as a spin on Mills’ coining the phrase the “sociological imagination” I offer up what I title my “sociological ruminations.” My intent is to share my view on social events through the perspective of a sociologist. That is why I am choosing to blog. I am a sociologist and I think sociological insight is greatly needed during this period in social history where once again societies are undergoing considerable social change.  I also paint by the way.  I believe blogging outwardly will encourage me to keep a journal on my artistic pursuits.



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