Why blog now?

Why blog? An excellent question. It seems to me on the surface to be such a vanity enterprise. My instinct is to resist it. However, “in the parlance of our times” this appears to be a common channel in which to share one’s thoughts and insights about the world around them. Now maybe it is a tad bit narcissistic to think my opinions have any sway or importance to share in the broader public. Nevertheless, as a sociologist I buy into the adage of C. Wright Mills that “sociology holds great promise” in helping one understand one’s place in the world.   So, as a spin on Mills’ coining the phrase the “sociological imagination” I offer up what I title my “sociological ruminations.” My intent is to share my view on social events through the perspective of a sociologist. That is why I am choosing to blog. I am a sociologist and I think sociological insight is greatly needed during this period in social history where once again societies are undergoing considerable social change.  I also paint by the way.  I believe blogging outwardly will encourage me to keep a journal on my artistic pursuits.


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Abstract Art: “Undertow” 30″x10″ Acrylic on Gallery Canvas (2010)

Created in 2010, this was done by spreading drywall putty over the canvas and then applying different acrylics over the putty while wet. I tried some work with a crackle medium to degrees of success. It really worked near the edges. I loved the effect, but have not had any success replicating. Blues were big for me then as they are now.  For me blue is melancholy.

At the time of its creation, my wife and I had recently returned from a trip to Maui celebrating our anniversary.  I was trying to bring that harmony from Maui home.  You see about about 4 months earlier my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and her condition was getting progressively worse, but we also were dealing with some positive news at that time.  We came back from Maui and learned that we were in fact expecting a child.  This was our third pregnancy and none had progressed this far, so we were quite optimistic.  So, at that time I had these contradictory experiences, gradually losing my mother yet looking at the promise of welcoming a new soul into the universe.  This painting was my way of working through those conflicting thoughts, or turning them down a bit.

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